Managing Your Home Office (Home Office Survival Kit Series)

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  1. 10 Ways to Organize Your Home Office by Monday
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10 Ways to Organize Your Home Office by Monday

Organizing Your Home Office. What type of home office furniture should I look to buy? What's the best way to ask if a company is open to telecommuting? What are some telecommuting security concerns?

Fire Drill - The Office US

Start the Countdown. A first-aid kit contains all vital medical products in one easy location.

Gather Supplies

A well-equipped first-aid kit, in most cases, can prevent further complication with the injury or medical condition. First-aid kits contain all the essential medical contents in a very compact package. Sometimes injuries are messy. Applying gauze and bandage immediately will stop the blood loss.

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If a burn or scald occurs, first-aid treatment should be applied to the affected area as quickly as possible. The goal is to relieve the pain and prevent further damage. Our Second Skin products make particularly useful additions to any first-aid kit.

Wounds and insect bites can be tremendously uncomfortable, if handled immediately and carefully with the appropriate first-aid treatments, the irritation can heal faster and in a more effective way. This will prevent scarring!

72 Hour Home Disaster Kit

If nothing else convinces you — keep in mind that the people around you may not be as prepared as you are. Your first-aid kit may come in handy if anyone around you experiences any of the injuries mentioned above. Kids and elderly people are most susceptible to injuries and accidents. First-aid kits act as an indispensable medical item for all.

Indicate at least two escape routes from each room. If someone uses a wheelchair, make all exits from your home wheelchair accessible. Practice emergency evacuation drills at least two times a year.

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For those who have home-health caregivers, particularly those who are bed-bound, it is essential to have an alternate plan if the caregiver cannot make it to you. Provide the power company with a list of all power-dependent life support equipment required by family members. Have a plan that includes an alternate power source for the equipment or relocating the person. Turn off utilities only if you suspect the lines are damaged, you suspect a leak or if local officials instruct you to do so.

Your Emergency Preparedness Guide

Note — Do not actually turn the gas off unless necessary as only a qualified professional can turn it back on. Individuals with sensory disabilities should get ones with strobe lights and vibrating pads.

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Homeowners insurance does not cover flood or earthquake damage and may not provide full coverage for other hazards. Red Cross courses can accommodate people with disabilities.

Middlesex-London Health Unit Community Partners In Response

Take these steps to reduce your risk. Every household should assemble a disaster supplies kit and keep it up to date. This home emergency supply kit is a collection of basic items a family would probably need to stay safe and more comfortable during and after a disaster.