Mechanical behaviour of materials

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  1. Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
  2. Mechanical Behavior of Aerospace Materials
  3. W 2 - Professorship Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
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Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

The volume includes many explanatory diagrams and illustrations. A third volume will include exercises allowing deeper understanding of the subjects treated in the first two volumes.

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  5. Mechanical Behaviour of Materials.
  6. 13th International Conference on the Mechanical Behaviour of Materials.

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Mechanical Behavior of Aerospace Materials

Provides many practical examples Gives applications on fracture safe design Deals with a variety of materials see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover.

3: Mechanical Behaviour

Rent the eBook. FAQ Policy. About this book Designing new structural materials, extending lifetimes and guarding against fracture in service are among the preoccupations of engineers, and to deal with these they need to have command of the mechanics of material behaviour.

Show all. Dominique et al. Show next xx. Like glasses and ceramics, polymers contain flaws which can cause them to fracture prematurely.

W 2 - Professorship Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

Click here to see a graphical representation of the mechanical behaviour of a brittle polymer. Thermoplastics above their Tg usually exhibit ductile behaviour.

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  • Under an applied stress these polymers plastically deform past their yield strength in a manner known as cold drawing. Cold drawing involves viscous flow where the chains slide past one another. Initially, the chains may be highly tangled but the applied stress forces them to elongate and align in a single direction. Click here to see a graphical representation of the mechanical behaviour of a ductile polymer.

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    Why study with us? Brittle or Ductile Below their glass transition temperature thermoplastics deform principally by elastic deformation, i. Brittle Polymers. Connect with Us.